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Matvei Tikka

Software engineer


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Saledor In development

Web app that aggregates fashion sale items from several vendors into one place. Python script is parsing products from different API’s, normalizes data and saves it in to the local SQLite database. Server is running on Node.js with the help of Express.js framework. It loads data from the database according to the requests from the client side. React.js is used in pair with Bootstrap to deliver fast and intuitive client side experience.

React.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, Python, SQLite, Cloud services
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Työkalun tarkoituksena on hakea yrityksiä ja niiden tietoja toimialan ja maantieteellisen sijainnin perusteella. Hakutulos on ladattavissa CSV tai XLSX formaateissa. Sisältö haetaan PRH:n avoimen datan rajapinnasta. Voit esimerkiksi hakea kaikki televiestinnän yritykset alueelta Helsinki (toimialakoodi = 61 ja kotipaikka = Helsinki).

React.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, REST API

Web app | GitHub
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Vaisal is a young and fast growing real estate business. We had two main goals to achieve on this case: create a memorable and modern branding for the company and then develop a website based on that. Website needed to showcase allthe main services and provide all necessary contact information.

Wordpress, CSS, Graphic, Pixelmator
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Python scraper

Script utilizes Reddit’s API for scraping information from specified subreddits. It has been built to run on Raspberry Pi Zero autonomously. Data and log files are automatically uploaded to specified Dropbox account so that user can remotely analyse data and check for the errors and malfunctions.

Python, SQLite, Raspberry Pi

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